Wills and trust attorneys can be seen as the legal mediator between you and those wishing to help you, like your family or the government. A wills and trusts attorney will help you create the following kinds of documents:

  • Last Will and Testament. Your will specifies who will inherit what after death, as well as appointing an executor. This person will be in charge of making sure the terms of the will are adhered to.
  • Living Will and Advanced Directive. Living Will and Advanced directive are two documents for incapacity planning.  These documents plan for a situation wherein you are alive, but unable to make competent decisions.
  • Power of Attorney. There are two types of power of attorney: durable and non-durable. Durable is lasting and non-durable ends with incapacitation. For durable power of attorneys, there are two designations, one for finances and one for health.
  • Various Trusts. A trust is a legal entity which holds legal ownership of a property on behalf of a beneficiary. A person, bank, or law firm will be named in the trust document, and their job is to manage the assets. This person is called the trustee. A trust document will list the rules by which the trustee should operate the trust.

Each of these documents is legally binding and the details of creating them can be quite complex. Making sure your affairs are in order isn’t just for the elderly or the wealthy. Trust an experienced wills and trusts attorney for advice on your estate planning and living trusts.

A Charlotte NC will and trust attorney for estate planning

Consider your experienced attorney as non-partisan guide for your estate and will planning. It is easy to get wrapped up in family squabbles in an effort to please everyone, but the best way to ensure peace among your family now and after your gone, is making sure your last will and estate plans are clear and leave no room for argument. It is vital that your lawyer understands the ins and outs of North Carolina’s legal system.Wills and Trust attorney, Mt. Holly NC

Trust an attorney that has been practicing in Charlotte and surrounding counties for over 40 years. Decisions that involve your finances and your health shouldn’t be taken lightly. Attorney Robert C. Whitt has built a reputation on his skill and experience.  He is proud to have received the esteemed AV rating by the Martindale-Hubble law. This legal rating service has been rating attorneys across the United States for more than a century and is the highest honor an attorney can receive. An experienced wills and trust attorney, he can guide through each step of your will, living trust or power of attorney.



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