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Robert has faithfully served his clients and his community for 40 years. He always places his clients interest first and foremost, and has amazing compassion for everyone. ~Bobby Black

When my mother had a major stroke, Robert Whitt was able to assist my brother and I with the legal issues we incurred. It was comforting to know Robert is the best in our area  concerning my mother’s needs. He also assisted us with Medicaid law for her when the time came. He is very sharp when it comes to all matters of law, especially assisting the elderly or disabled. ~Jean Haney

Robert  Whitt truly cares about all of his clients and wants to help guide them in the best way possible for their individual situation. I highly recommend him in the areas of Elder Law, Probate and Estate Planning. ~Shirley D.

Attorney Robert Whitt has long been a staple in the Gaston and Mecklenburg legal communities.  He offers clients a wealth of knowledge, excellent customer service, and legal expertise aimed at providing legal solutions for all of life’s pressing matters.  As a colleague, attorney, and friend I would recommend Attorney Robert Whitt to others for their elder law, estate planning, and probate needs. ~ Stephen T. Hegedus, Attorney & Counselor at Law