Probate Administration

Estate Administration

Probate Administration results after a person passes whether they have a Will or do not have a Will. Their assets will then pass through probate which is a process that is handled by the Clerk of Superior Court of the County in which an individual resides at the time of death.

Robert has handled probate matters and estate administration all over the state in many counties in the state of North Carolina. His practice, with probate, is not limited to the surrounding counties.

Personal Representative for Probate

Probate involves the Appointment of a Personal Representative to handle the estate, the filing of forms relating to the assets, the inheritance tax issues, and the Creditor’s Claims. Robert Whitt has been handling probate cases for over 40 years. His initial approach is to see whether a shortened form of probate can be utilized in order to not expose his client to the entire probate process if that is possible.

Even when that is not possible, Robert Whitt handles all matters of probate administration at his office so that the client is never required to go to the courthouse. He handles that for the client. He assists in proper distribution of assets, handling payment of claims, and any other issues that may arise in the administration of an estate. This legal representation takes the burden off of the Personal Representative as it relates to dealing with the Clerk of Court and filing all papers with the Clerk of Court and handling Creditor’s Claims as it relates to Estates.

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