Robert Whitt focuses on Elder Law

Elder Law includes Nursing Home/Medicaid Qualification and Preservation of Assets. The general rule for placement into a nursing home and applying for Medicaid is that no gifts can have been made in the five year time period prior to applying for Medicaid without there being a sanction imposed.

Robert Whitt assists clients in trying to preserve as much as their assets as possible as they relate to the Medicaid Application. It is very important to know:

  • When to apply for Medicaid
  • What assets can be transferred
  • And how to take advantage of an Attorney’s knowledge of the Medicaid rules.

Robert Whitt has assisted hundreds of clients in the region protecting assets with regard to Medicaid matters in both nursing home and assisted living cases. Even those clients who have not gifted assets five years prior to applying for Medicaid can have an advantage as long as they have the correct language in their Financial Power of Attorney which then becomes a vital tool to protect assets if the client is mentally incapacitated. Not having the correct Power of Attorney can make the protection of assets in a crisis case difficult. Robert Whitt has been successful in protecting real estate and other personal property as it relates to Medicaid Qualification for many year.

Contact Robert Whitt’s office for more information on Nursing Home and Medicaid Qualifications. Robert C. Whitt is Charlotte attorney, servicing the areas of Mount Holly, Charlotte, Gastonia and Gaston, Mecklenburg, Lincoln Counties and surrounding communities.