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Elder law for Charlotte, NC

Elder law is a specific branch of the legal field that addresses the needs of the elderly. Some issues found under this branch include: retirement benefits, estate planning, and health care, among other issues. Baby boomers are retiring and are having to navigate the legal waters of their retirement or health care needs in a sea of inexperienced attorneys. This can be overwhelming. Choose a skilled elder attorney who understands the laws specific to North Carolina and who is accessible from Mount Holly, Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Elder law is unique to the legal system, partly because it is defined by the clients served rather than by a technical or legal distinction. An attorney who specializes in this type of law helps clients plan for long-term care needs, including nursing home or hospice care, as well as helps plan for the financial aspects of their life, now and after death. Those working the field of elder care law can help find the best care, organize private and public resources to pay for the cost of care, and work to ensure the client’s right to quality care.

Find a local attorney for elder law

Trust an experienced attorney to help you or a loved one with issues involving elder law.  Law regarding health care and health directives vary from state to state, as do law surrounding estate planning. Because of this, it is vital that your attorney be experienced in North Carolina law. Choices that involve your money and your health shouldn’t be taken lightly and should be discussed only with a trustworthy lawyer who has experience with elder law. Elder law itself isn’t a specialty, so discuss how much experience your attorney has with elder law before making a decision. Contact a skilled attorney in the Mount Holly, Charlotte and the surrounding area that can explain these documents and what each one means for you and your loved ones.

Attorney Robert C. Whitt has over 40 years of experience practicing in the North Carolina legal system. He built his reputation by treating every client like an individual, regardless of age. Trust his experience in all aspects of elder law, including long-term health planning and estate planning. He isn’t only lauded by his clients, he also received the esteemed AV rating by the Martindale-Hubble law rating service. This service has been rating attorneys across the United States for more than one hundred years. It is the highest honor an attorney can receive. It recognizes professional excellence, and of his awards, it is one his is most proud of.  Contact the office of Robert C. Whitt today for a consultation on elder law and how it can make your legal planning easier.


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